21 Things to Talk About Besides Politics at the Thanksgiving Table

… Thanksgiving, a time to  gather around the table with family and friends and give thanks.   It is also a time to reconnect.  Clearly, we are all part of an extraordinary time in history, but no matter how badly you want to talk about it…  Conversation regarding politics can heat up faster than turkey and stuffing.   Keeping that in mind, here are a few other topics that just might be a better idea.

1. What famous person would you meet and why? Obviously not a politician, if that’s your choice then you don’t get stuffing.

2. Celebrities. Babies. Celebrity babies. The fact that a Kardashian just named their kid “Dream”. Bond in hatred via other means.

3. Go on YouTube and find cat videos. Cats in boxes. Cats swimming in bathtubs. Cats chasing the dog. There isn’t anything cats haven’t done at this point on YouTube.

4. I guess if they don’t like cats, dogs will have to do. Cats vs. Dogs debate is banned, however.

5. Embarrassing childhood moments.. featuring people of all ages. Aunts and uncles, that means you too!

6. Their jobs when you’re inevitably asked what career you’re going into.

7. .. Maybe don’t do that, but sports should be a safe topic, unless you’re in Ohio.

8. That one Aunt/Uncle who never shows up and you’re all pissed off about it.

9. Your pets.. as long as they aren’t actually present, so nobody feeds them table food. Because most pet owners quietly despise that sh*t.

10. Recipes. Turkey recipes. Maybe even your favorite brand of turkey, so long as you can ensure it doesn’t devolve into mindless arguing.


11. What dessert everyone brought. At least that’ll be productive before everyone goes into a food coma.

12. What concerts you’ve been to. Even if you don’t like the music, pretend you do.

13. Vacations. Let them show you 2,500 pictures with a thesis essay for each one for an explanation.

14. Where you’re doing for Christmas, so nobody complains in three weeks Aunt Susie never called back.

15. Movies. I don’t have a snarky line for this one. Movies are just movies. Everyone likes movies. I think?

16. Their favorite Thanksgiving food. Turkey isn’t an option because that’s too easy.

17. Get out a family photo album so everyone can see how ridiculous they looked in the ’80s.

18. Young people aren’t safe either. Baby photos, people.

19. The impending food coma, so you all know it’ll be quiet eventually.

20. How nice it was to see each other after months of ignoring each other’s existence amid family drama.

21. Anything other than politics and religion. Really. Honestly. Please.

Now go eat yourself into oblivion and don’t talk with you mouth full !


Source: Originally posted in Odyssey

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