What is really going on at home when you are away?

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In our hectic world, people often wonder about what is happening in their homes when they are away…

OXCaQ-Q_ezwuM6tJzXYWfXawBHECDhz1EvrBmEs8QSc,bBDV9MbldfoWDi7_LND-Q9zQBKVCEpufBHVoVft3KtAThe new Welcome Home Security Camera from Netatmo is now changing all of that with its revolutionary facial recognition technology.  VERY COOL STUFF – Instead of recording everything that happens, the Welcome only records movement in its generous 130-degree field of vision. It then sends a notification to the user’s smartphone that somebody it does, or does not recognize, has entered the home. The user can click on the live feed to determine whether further action needs to be taken. Thankfully, it only sends a notice when somebody arrives home, not every time they pass in front of the camera.

This major leap forward has garnished Welcome four 2015 CES Innovations Awards. With a suggested retail price of $199, Netatmo’s Welcome adds an extra layer of security without the expense of monthly monitoring. It comes with an 8GB micro SD card installed, so recorded information stays entirely private. Users have secure access to stored video and identification information, without worrying about who is watching their children. Even if the unit is stolen, the user receives a notification that it is not working, and the unauthorized person cannot obtain access to stored information without the appropriate account details.

Welcome can learn to recognize up to 16 individuals. The notifications are entirely customizable, so users can set it to send an update only for children, and not a spouse for example. If no notifications have been received, the homeowner can still check in via a live stream in full HD at no charge. The unit is boasts unrivaled aesthetics, yet remains small and unobtrusive. It even has capabilities for night vision, to allow for full 24-hour monitoring. Welcome easily operates via an Ethernet cord or it can be attached to a computer with the included USB cable. There is also a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

An unlimited number of Welcome cameras can connect to the App if the homeowner wants to watch more than one point of entry. It is also extremely adaptable, connecting to the Welcome App on both iPhone and/or Android device, or it can be plugged into a computer utilizing a Web interface that works with any stadard browser. Netatmo has taken home security to the next level. This new Welcome technology provides a welcome sense of relief for stressed-out parents, caregivers and homeowners who deserve to know what is happening in their home and does so with a sense of style and sensibility.

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