A star is born and it is not who you think it is…

It took me a a few weeks (plus) to actually let the entire A Star is Born experience to filter down fully. I found the movie to be an amazing and emotional ride and little did I know that a real star was born…

…And the award for the Best Good Boy in a film goes to … Bradley Cooper’s dog.

Cooper cast his actual, real-life canine companion, Charlie, to play the part of the dog shared by Cooper’s character Jack and his onscreen love, Ally (Lady Gaga) in his directorial debut, “A Star is Born.”

Charlie is in a handful of emotional scenes through out the movie, and Cooper told People earlier this month that in the movie Jack and Ally don’t have children, but Charlie is “part of their story,” in a way a that a child would be.

The pooch clearly has some serious acting chops because people on Twitter can’t stop talking about him.

But although many people have been sharing this particular image from the movie, the pup in this scene isn’t actually Cooper’s dog: 

The stand in..

the real deal…

Source: First seen in the HuffPo

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