Baseball player David Denson reveals he is gay: So what

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David Denson, a first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers’ rookie affiliate in Helena, Montana, is said to have made BASEBALL HISTORY this weekend when he revealed he is gay.   I say, “WHO CARES” !!!

denson_kdncpvrl_qlp1w5jpHe is also African American, but that is no longer newsworthy and in my opinion the “gay card” is over played as well.

Denson, bats .245 with four home runs and 18 RBIs in 42 games for Helena and is the Brewers’ 27th-ranked prospect, according to This is slightly more impressive and at least it has SOMETHING to do with who he is as an athlete.

Seriously, as a man who is also gay I applaud Denson for no longer hiding who or how he loves but WHO CARES… Play some baseball, hit a few more home runs and work on improving your batting average.   If I sound a bit cynical it is in no way to imply that I don’t realize that the LGBT community still has some distance to travel and that the world is still not a perfect place when it comes to acceptance, but is this really the way to make a difference?

The Milwaukee Brewers had this to say:

“David is a highly respected member of the Milwaukee Brewers family, and he is a very courageous young man,” Milwaukee Brewers President Doug Melvin said in a statement. “Our goal for David is to help develop him into a Major League player, just as it is for any player in our system, and we will continue to support him in every way as he chases that dream.”

Bravo, whoopee and a “hell to the yes” for Dough Melvin and the league for being so supportive, but why haven’t we heard about this love fest for Denson prior to his announcement? Perhaps, because he has not achieved anything YET worth bragging about? So why is who he chooses to sleep with newsworthy enough for Brewer’s President to make public comment as it has nothing to do with David Denson the baseball player…

Maybe it is time to stop making sexual orientation newsworthy and in this case simply focus on how well he plays the game? Maybe it is time to stop calling it “gay marriage” and just call it marriage,?  Maybe it is time to realize that making a public statement regarding one’s sexual orientation will only help others if after the dust settles the athlete, celebrity or public figure actually does something to further support those who are still struggling with coming to terms with who they are and where they fit into the world.

David Denson, a first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers is gay and I say. “WHO CARES”!

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