Christmas Gifts: The ultimate gift guide for the absurd

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a weird experience. That is, if you do “the gift” correctly.

Anyone can shop for normal gifts, but the true Christmas spirit is in giving items that people hadn’t realized they wanted.

So here we go … the next few post will be dedicated to everything you ever thought you never needed


What good is having a bushy beard if you can’t dress it up during the holidays? (It’s a rhetorical question. I can’t actually hear you.) Beardaments are mini ornaments designed to fit on one’s whiskers. Don’t be surprised if your nearsighted friends just think you had a messy meal — until they get up close, of course. For extra sparkle, you can get a version that lights up your face.

This ugly sweater turns the holiday from Xmas to T. rexmas, a celebration you never knew you needed — until this second. You’re bound to get lots of attention in this sweater, but be careful what you eat, because that dinosaur’s head is likely to get covered in all sorts of food stains by night’s end.


Why put on a star on your tree when you can have a Death Star? This replica tree topper is a perfect way to celebrate the holidays while looking out for rebel hordes.

Not wild enough ?  Keep checking back and feel free to leave  your ideas in the comment section

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