David Letterman: Top Ten Signs You Had A Bad Thanksgiving

It has been said that “the more things change the more they stay the same” and nothing and no one prove that to be more accurate than the holidays and David Letterman.  His “Top Lists” seem to capture the essence of any dysfunctional situation but none more than THE HOLIDAYS.   As you ramp up for Thanksgiving and decide who/what will end up more “smashed”  (you or the potatoes) take a look at this list from 2011 and marvel with me at how relevant it remains

David Letterman: Top Ten Signs You Had A Bad Thanksgiving


Top Ten Signs You Had A Bad Thanksgiving
10.”You ran out of booze by 11 a.m.”
9.”Most frequently used word at dinner: Heimlich”
8.”Meal was leftovers from last Thanksgiving”
7.”Thanks to new electric knife, kids fought over wishbone and your severed thumb”
6.”The ‘turkey’ was wearing a dog collar”
5.”Spent day in Times Square waiting for the giant turkey to drop”
4.”Woke up from tryptophan-induced sleep to find yourself naked in the driveway”
3.”When dinner came out, so did your son”
2.”Laura and the twins lock you out”
1.”Your turkey dinner was the only breast you’ve touched all year”

Source: David Letterman

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