Dear Mother Nature: Happy Mother’s Day

Before you think I am slighting my mom, please know I have taken the time to celebrate her. Now I want to take a few moments to do the same for the mother of ALL mothers, Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature!

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for nurturing so many of us in your home, even when we don’t always respect the house rules. Thank you for your support. Quite literally for the ground that we walk on, and like a true mom, you are there to support us even when we fall. As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I have spent so much time with you and have been enriched by your subtle yet beautiful touches.

Happy Mother’s Day – Mother Nature

Thank you for always be so welcoming even when I forgot to say, “thank you.” Thank you for creating a limitless playground for my adventurous soul.

I also want to apologize. I was not always as kind as I could be. I tend to push you to the limit and forget you have feelings too. I am grateful for what you have given me, but I have also taken it for granted. I will do better. I realize that the climate I have helped create is not healthy.

Today, Mother’s Day, I celebrate you and promise to stand with you. I appreciate you, I cherish you, and I love you.



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