Flying high with the chroma camera drone

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It is estimated that the big “gimme” item on this year’s holiday gift lists will be a drone. Ramped up from the boring old remote control airplane, drones provide an exciting way to partake in the incredibly fun world of aerial maneuvering. Even better is the addition of high-quality cameras for the most breath-taking photography imaginable.

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The flight-ready Chroma™ Camera Drone package has everything amateur and advanced aerial photographers need for exceptional video in stunning 4K definition. The stabilized CGO3 4K Camera has a non-distortion lens which eliminates that annoying fisheye effect. The ST-10+ controller features an easy-to-use touch-screen display which eliminates the need for a separate smart device. The comfortable 5½” screen makes it easy to view the live video feed and real-time flight information.

A long-lasting 6300mAh LiPo battery allows for up to thirty minutes of flight, depending on usage and weather conditions. The drone’s advanced SAFE Plus technology offers several flight modes which help all pilot levels capture the most scintillating of images. The Smart Mode allows beginner pilots to start flying without any previous drone experience. An AP Mode allows advanced flyers more versatility. The Follow Me mode lets the drone fly at a pre-determined altitude and distance while the pilot focuses on capturing the perfect shot. In Tracking Mode the drone can follow the pilot and shoot the most excellent of adventures. A Return Home function allows for safe landings. All flight modes feature self-leveling capabilities, and use altitude sensors and GPS to hold the drone’s position. The Adjustable Flight Boundaries feature is used to keep the drone within authorized flight zones.

If Santa doesn’t put one of these in the stocking, it’s worth getting one in January and starting the New Year off on the right flight!

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