How to get a new Emoji approved

Am I the only one who has spent countless hours in the “Reading Room” perched over my Smart Device while texting friends and families unable to find the perfect Emoji?  Scrolling through a seemingly endless sea of “this and that” only to be left disappointed and with a sore butt having gotten no real reading done?

Well my pals at the Huffington Post came to my rescue with this little Emoji factoid video and while I  still have not gotten my – short white guy confused by where to get his wedding cake made, during a hailstorm, surrounded by a group of my multicultural friends who are each sporting cool t-shirts in support of a cause that speaks to their personal desires to uplift the human condition… I am hopeful.

Emojis are used by millions of people around the world, making it the most popular form of visual communication in human history. But the final decision on which emoji we all get to use is in the hands of an exclusive, 12-person board.”

Hmmmm  – see what you think and feel free to offer up your ideas in the comments section !

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