Grand Velas: Taking Riviera Maya to a new level of luxury

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The holidays are now feeling long over, decorations are stowed, and gifts have been exchanged or surreptitiously re-gifted. The New Year has been appropriately observed and people are settling in for another long winter. As the rains fall, winds howl, and cars become slowly encased in ice, winter-weary souls begin to plan their escape. In many cases their thoughts turn to Cancun in Mexico, but why stop there when just a little bit further down the cerulean Caribbean coastline lie the inimitable pleasures of the Riviera Maya?

Although Cancun is well-established in the minds of sun-seekers everywhere, Riviera Maya is taking on its older sister in a loving rivalry and becoming a fully-established, desirable destination in its own right. Known for pristine white beaches, sun-kissed turquoise waves, lush tropical forests, a mystical Mayan history, and the second longest barrier reef system in the world, Riviera Maya beckons with a toss of its golden hair. Adventure, romance, serenity and fun await visitors with open arms. Nestled snugly among these natural and historic wonders sits the luxurious Grand Velas, an all-inclusive vacation resort unlike any other.


Billing itself as “beyond compare,” Grand Velas certainly lives up to its self-aggrandizement. With its plush accommodations in three delightful ambiances, private butlers, spa-like bathrooms, native artwork, and jaw-dropping views, the resort more than surpasses that assessment. There is no want for entertainment as this is a top destination for scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling along the barrier reef or in the underground cenotes that are unique to this area. Colorful tropical fish, dolphins, manta rays, and whale sharks abound and delight visitors with their playful antics.




The Grand Velas is no slouch either when it comes to pleasures of the palate. Offering up some of the top restaurants to be found anywhere in Riviera Maya, guests can feast upon worldwide cuisine without ever leaving the property. Whatever a guest has a taste for – Spanish, Italian, French, Mexican, or Asian – gourmet or casual – can be enjoyed in stunning and cozy dining areas.



Perhaps the most astonishing factor drawing visitors to the Grand Velas is the world-class spa. The resort has gone all-out in its efforts to soothe souls and heal spirits in its colossal jungle sanctuary. At 90,000 square feet, with over 40 private spa suites, this holistic Signature Spa was named “Best Spa in the World” by Virtuoso in 2010 and was a Spafinder Wellness Travel Awards Finalist in 2015. With the availability of its massages, body wraps, facials, manicures, romantic couples’ rituals, a spa water journey and the alluring Seven World Journeys spa menu, it might be possible to spend every day in The Spa and not do the same thing twice! The Seven World Journeys spa menu highlights holistic treatments that have been inspired by healing rituals from around the world. Each creates a unique and fulfilling sensory experience based on the perfect combination of water, aroma, light, and texture.


The Journey through Ancient Mexico, for example, offers a Bacal Massage, Coffee and Cocoa Experience, Mayan Jade Facial or Mayan Grand Velas Massage. The essence of the Mediterranean experience is presented in treatments that include a Diamond Whitening Facial, Aroma Soul Massage, or Citrus Body Wrap. Moving on to the mystical spells of India, guests can indulge in the stimulation of their five senses through a Hindu Abyanga and Shirodhara Massage, Hindu Foot and Scalp Massage, or Ayurvedic Velas Hot Stone Massage. The revolutionary hydrothermal journey melts away stress by visits to a clay room, ice room, and an experience pool with varied sensory elements. It features flowers, aromatic essences, candles and hot smooth stones.


Hearkening back to the ancient Roman and Greek baths, a Men’s Journey allows males to experience again spa treatments such as a Purifying Vanilla Facial, Therapeutic Velas Maya Massage or 5th

Element Therapy that restore their inner strength and well-being. To foment or rekindle passion a couple’s Romantic Journey in specially-designed suites includes a Therapeutic Neuro-Amor Ritual, Meeting of Two Souls or Rhythmic Romantic Massage.

There are so many amenities at this breath-taking resort that just one trip is never enough to take it all in. Perfect for family vacations, intimate getaways, destination weddings, family reunions and special events, guests certainly have no end of excuses to return to this delightful resort time and time again. Clearly, the Grand Velas is helping the Riviera Maya take the lead in the gentle competition for ultimate, all-inclusive resort destinations.

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