Happy National Ice Cream Month: Would you eat these flavors?

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 July is National Ice Cream Month and although I am a huge fan… Sometimes something very right goes very wrong.   What do you think about this list of some “interesting” flavors? Yup, they really exist.

Durian Ice Cream

A giant, spikey fruit that’s most popular in southeast Asia smells like “rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage” Some think that the so called “King of fruits” is a delicacy.  When you have a fruit that is so pungent that it’s actively banned from various southeast Asian hotels, it’s probably not a great idea to combine it with milk and turn it into a frozen dessert for general consumption..

Garlic Ice Cream

Ice cream is typically sweet.  Yet, somehow,  of all the items on this list, Garlic flavored ice cream not only has its own Wikipedia page, but there’s a  Garlic Festival that serves it every year.

Potato Ice Cream

Mashed potatoes sort of look like ice cream, right?  So why not combine the two! NOT

Sauerkraut Ice Cream

No, no, no

Popcorn Ice Cream

I object…buttered popcorn flavored ice cream is just wrong.

Basil Ice Cream

This doesn’t infuriate me, or even necessarily seem objectively “bad” it just seems pointless.

Bone Marrow with Smoked Cherries Ice Cream

Oh mother of g-d.  Yes, this is a real flavor.


Fish was not meant to be pulverized and turned into ice cream. There’s no turning back.

Lobster Ice Cream

Now this is just cruel.

Cheese Ice Cream

While cheese is dairy much like ice cream, the concept of taking cheddar cheese and turning it into ice cream still leaves me unsettled.

I prefer to ignore these foolish  ice cream missteps and keep it simple. Anything by Ben & Jerry’s.  This summer enjoy as much frozen “stuff” as you can possibly consume minus the bone marrow et al.

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