Is being happy uncool?

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While I am certainly guilty as charged for making things complicated when they could remain simple, New Year’s Resolutions have gotten quite complex.   Last week as 2016 was waving to me in the distance a friend mentioned that she had been crafting a list of questions that would demand her to take action every day as a means of  reaching her goals before the close of 2016… And to that I say BRAVO but with a question…


When did striving to be happy become “outdated”, “simplistic”, “plebian”, “a cop out”, “silly”, “lazy” and/or “unfocused ” ?  A great many people seemed to have a great deal to say about my resolution and in turn the way in which I choose to live my life.

This is a short post as I ring in the New Year with a sense of hope and wonder and a desire that each of us create a path paved with what WE need, want, deserve, desire and see as the perfect fit for what we ARE the experts on… BEING WHO WE ARE.

This year I want to be happy.  End of thought!  But equally important, I want to know what you strive for so that if I can help you in any way I can and will.  Happiness IS extremely complex and creates a web of possibilities.  I am the final word regarding my happiness and my expectations from 2016 but we certainly can join forces and help one another along the way



I want to hear from you post your replies and ideas !

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