Is being nice the answer?

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 At some point in our lives many if not all of us have been told to, “be nice”, “be good” or some permutation of the two and to that I feel compelled to ask what about being “authentic”?   Life is a wild ride and I am all for peace, love and understanding… In fact, anything that will bring about some healing to our world, one that seems to have gone more than slightly off the “rageaholic” deep end is a thumbs up for me… BUT “nice” and “good”… What do they really mean and are they holding us back?

I guess my real issue is that I believe in an effort to evolve and be “nice”, “good”, “compassionate”, “forgiving” people (see my list already got longer) there is an inherent message that if one speaks his/her truth they are somehow breaking the rules.

If someone spits in your face, calls you a name, insults your family or friends or shows a level of intolerance that is… intolerable what are one’s options in the name of “nice” and “good”?   I would offer very little.  Therefor, being “authentic” offers opportunities to speak one’s truth that “albeit” edgy has worth. This is a slippery slope and by no means do I advocate violence or hate as ever being the solution.  Equally important is the fact that in an effort to be so damn “good” and “nice” are we losing a piece of self?

Authenticity need not be violent or angry, but rather a means of drawing your line in the sand and saying without apology, “I will not allow this to continue,” “I will not allow you to berate me,” I will not allow you to spread hate and ignorance where there can be love and understanding”.

Don’t ever give on up on the possibility of peace, don’t ever stop your random acts of kindness, but I would also offer that “nice” and “good” don’t always get the job done where being “authentic” has real potential as it comes from a place of truth and in your truth you are simply being you. Where there is truth there is hope and where there is hope there is healing.

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