Let Them Call You Cheap: How to stretch a buck with leftover Halloween candy

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You clipped coupons, found the best deals or maybe you walked on the wild side risking backlash from disappointed kids and went for a selection of candy everyone loves to hate. No matter your decision now you are left with a pile of sugary leftovers not mention the stuff your own family has deemed uncool for the undead to consume.   What to do?   People have been re-gifting for years, so why should Halloween be any different?   Consider it being eco-friendly as you repurpose this caloric Armageddon


Bake it:

Bake chocolate pieces into cookies or brownies, use candy to decorate the top of cakes or cupcakes or stir small fragments right into icing. Feel like really being a rebel? Mix the sweet candy with salty “other stuff” and nuts to make an easy trail mix.

Freeze it:

By freezing your candy it simply lasts longer. Crumble chocolate pieces for an instant ice cream topping. Add chocolate, peanut butter or nougat candy to milkshakes, ice cream or even cookie dough for a for a change of pace.

Swap it:

This one was new to me but check it out… If you’d like to take a healthier approach, some dentists offer an exchange or Candy Buy Back Program. Check with yours to see if they have anything available. Often, kids and adults can trade in candy for gifts, prizes or nutritious treats in exchange. The candy is then donated to a charity or troops stationed overseas.

Gift it:

Now let us get down to saving some time and money ! Use your leftover chocolate for holiday gifts. Melt it down, spread it into a cookie sheet and you can add just about any other candy you’d like over the chocolate. After refrigerating, you have a unique candy bark! For upcoming birthday parties, stuff a piñata with the leftover candy or fill up goodie bags.

Donate it:

I love this idea! You can also send candy directly to troops, though keep in mind there are often specific requirements, like candy that is heat resistant. Operation Gratitude is one nonprofit organization that sends care packages overseas and you can get more details on its website.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of the goods, bring it to your workplace. In an hour at best problem solved.   I have also found that if you make those around you chubby you tend to look thinner (just an added bonus)

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Thanks to J. Lal for the inspiration

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