Netflix: Best New Shows You Can Stream Right Now

Binge watchers rejoice! Netflix has done it again.

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1. Very good sports documentarian Jason Hehir is going to make a 10-part Michael Jordan documentary for Netflix that will debut in 2019. Jordan was my first favorite sports hero, but it’s been clear for awhile that there’s this other more complicated side to Jordan’s story that has never been told that well. I’m very much looking forward to this project.

2. Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos announced that the company will have 1,000 original shows and movies by the end of the year, with 470 of them coming between now and 2019. As someone who writes about what Netflix is adding every week, I still do not understand the business case for adding this much content. I get that more content means a slightly higher chance that everyone will find something to watch, but if there’s constantly something new doesn’t most of this content just get lost? I know there have been plenty of Netflix shows and movies I probably would have watched a few years ago when there weren’t as many options.

3. RuPaul is going to star in a sitcom called “AJ and the Queen.” RuPaul will play a drag queen traveling across the country to perform in different clubs. Former Sex And The City showrunner Michael Patrick King will head this show.

4. Guillermo del Toro is going to create a horror anthology series. He’s calling the series, “10 After Midnight.” He’ll direct and write a few of the episodes himself.

5. And “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz spoke about Jeffrey Tambor’s inclusion in Season 5 of the series, despite sexual harassment allegations surfacing relating to Tambor’s work on his last show, “Transparent.” Hurwitz said that the Tambor parts had already been shot before the allegations and that he supported the actor regardless. As the new season premieres soon (May 29) this will likely be an ongoing story.

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