Oscar had a bad night

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sometimes sh@t happens… and this year at the Oscars it did, it hit the fan and seemed to spray a fine mist of “Uh Oh” in every direction.

People in the nosebleed seats at the Dolby Theater were already getting up to leave the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony when La La Land was announced the Best Picture winner. But then La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz interrupted his colleague’s speech.


“There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture,” Horowitz said. There was scattered applause, then a silence in the audience as he repeated himself. “This is not a joke.”

“Someone gave them the wrong card!” an audience member howled after the show, standing atop the grand staircase entrance to the Dolby. “You couldn’t have done that for one of the documentaries? Best Editing?”

What next… LET IT GO.  What a wonderful example of how sometimes really crappy things happen to good people simply because someone made a genuine mistake.    So before you decide to vilify the universe, keep it in context and also use it as a lesson in your own life.

Moonlight may have had a lost a few minutes of air time to bask in a well-deserved Best Picture award, but cast and crew will go down in history as the winners for 2017.

A lesson to remember the next time you have a “bad day” and forget to remember that your fantastic life  will still be there after the moment passes.


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