Respect: Jennifer Hudson’s version

Where does the time go?  In 2012 I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Hudson for the HuffPost to talk about life, love, loss, and all things in between.   Since that time, she has continued to shine brightly, and garnish increased “Respect”.   It was a daunting task taking on the role of the iconic Aretha Franklin and initially, she had this to say,

“The thing I’m grateful for is that it wasn’t time to do it when that initial conversation was had because I don’t know if I would have been ready at that particular time. I think I needed my own life story and life experiences, just life to happen, before doing such a thing.”


A decade later the excerpt from my full interview still speaks to the woman who seems to understand who she is, where she wants to end up and with grace and authenticity makes no apologies for her success.

Ever since American Idol made one of the most epic mistakes in its history, I have been a fan of Jennifer Hudson. And, when she showed us all she had acting chops as well as a voice without limits, I unabashedly admit I was and continue to be in awe of the woman — and now the mother — who commands a resiliency of spirit that is infectious. During a recent chat, I fell in love with her all over again and enjoyed her willingness to update me on the what’s what.

Joshua Estrin: What is it like balancing all your new projects now that you are a working mother?

Jennifer Hudson: I see it as nothing less than a blessing. It does take some planning, but now I can share my success with the most precious gift in my life. Children put the world in perspective, and I have prioritized and have come to realize that family and children are really what matters.

JE: You have redefined yourself. There is a whole lot less of you, so I ‘m wondering if you feel different on the inside as well?

JH: The weight loss is still relatively new, so to be honest I am still getting used to this body. On the outside, I guess I am more daring with some of the clothes I choose to wear, but on the inside… I think I am still getting used to how the change has impacted the way I think and feel. Certainly, I am still the same person, but I guess as I get to know me at this size and shape, I might notice I have shifted the way I think about certain things. I guess you will have to check back with me again so I can give you an update.

JE: What do you think is the greatest misconception that people have about you?

JH: Wow… That’s a good question. I’m not sure what people think or expect me to be, but I am surprised when people say, “You’re not supposed to be like that…” I’m not exactly sure what “that” is, so I choose to take it as a compliment.

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