Six-year-old Tiana Sherry wants to make the world a better place

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After a long trip I was grumpy and impatient with my fellow passengers as I waited to head to baggage claim and then I watched six-year-old Tiana Sherry. In the last few days she has gone super nova in the world of viral videos and while mainstream media chooses to poke fun calling her the “latest lifestyle guru” with an expertise in divorce and “guidance on matters of the heart” for me she represents hope. Her platform is powerful in its simplicity.

  1. “Do you think that all of us can be nice to each other?”
  2. ” Are you trying to do best in [your] heart”?
  3. “If we live in a world where everyone is being mean, then everyone is going to be a monster in their future.”

The endgame for her is peace in place of conflict and she is not above offering a challenge stating, “It starts with you.” “Can you smile? Can we stop being mean to each other?”.  She is also not simply the messenger but willing to walk the walk with us.

“I think if I can be nice, then I think all of us can be nice, too.”

If you have not watched the video please do. If you have watched it already watch it again. I am willing to take her words to heart and give “nice”. “peace” and “forgiveness” a try… Are you?

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