Stay Fit on Valentine’s Day: Romantic Travel is Awesome but so is Wine and Chocolate

I came across this great site and delicious Valentine’s Day article.   Love, laughter and

I still get to drink wine and eat chocolate … Oh I am all in !!!!

“What are the top 10 things people can do to stay fit on a Valentine’s Day trip without ever entering a gym and still eating chocolate and drinking wine?”


  1. Be sure to pack the right equipment – With some resistance bands, exercise dice, a jump rope, and sliders are an excellent option for the gym.
  2. Ignore the elevators – Request a room on a high floor and only take the stairs! You’ll get a great cardio workout and an amazing view!
  3. Get your blood pumpin’ and your muscles flexin’ in the morning – Workout early to jumpstart your metabolism.

Check out the full list here 


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