The B Word

I find words to be delicious and I savor them like a fine meal.   They are also magical, mysterious and have the ability to heal. Yes, words are powerful but with them come a sense of responsibility.   I readily admit that I am no Mary Poppins and from time to time my words don’t go down with a spoon full of sugar. In fact, I have been known to have a very colorful vocabulary but I am working on it…


That being said, “what’s the what” with the “B” word… Especially within the LGBTQ Community? Now before any panties get knotted I am a man who is gay so I feel I can at the very least speak from experience and although the fiery darts are welcomed, I am walking the walk. While I do not let my sexual orientation define me, I do not hide it either so I am confused… When did it become appropriate to call one another “bitch”?

Aside from having a rich history as a hateful word used to degrade and humiliate women it simply baffles me. What exactly is it trying to convey and surely with so many delightful words available why spiral down into the gutter to find one?   At the very least use one that makes sense or better yet as a community so full of creativity why not brand a completely new word.

I am no wall flower, nor am I a shrinking violet… I simply wish people would say what they mean and mean what they say. At a point in history where we are making such strides to gain equality let us not forget we are unique and dare I say special!  So while we need not create our own language a few new words added to the Gay Lexicon might be fun.

Perhaps this is just a random rant, but please note… I am nobody’s “girl” nor am I “hunty”.  I do work, but I am not exactly sure when and why that morphed into “werk” and does the latter mean I should get paid or is it a freebie?   Above all I am nobody’s “bitch”.

Freedom of expression should never be confused with the right to humiliate or hurt. Therefore, I am left confused a bit disappointed and ready to be enlightened…

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