The Buick Enclave: My family is sold

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The world of automobiles, choices in automobiles and those that call themselves experts in choosing the right automobile for me is filled with people who feel they know me, know my lifestyle and somehow have a nearly mystical means of knowing exactly what I need.

Clearly I am poking fun at the trend in auto trends as I have many friends who have extensive knowledge of what is under the hood and for that I am grateful. But the real litmus test? Pack my Millennial kids under one roof and on four wheels and my deliciously blended family is a tough group to make happy.

Recently, the we took the Buick Enclave for a test run during a family weekend that included various trips to the mall, the beach, Chipotle and back and forth to the airport as my husband and I played the role of Uber and Lyft bringing our family together and enjoying every minute of it.

While all of us are respectfully outspoken none are “auto-experts”. We simply know what we like and wanted to share our collective thoughts.

So Detroit, we have made contact and the aliens are friendly. Most importantly here is what we discovered about the Enclave.

Interior/ Overview: The first thing you’ll feel in the mid-size 2016 Enclave is a sense of openness. A “low and away” instrument panel keeps controls within easy reach. Premium materials, leather-appointed seating, warm wood tones, and brushed chrome accents create a sophisticated interior. And three rows of first-class seating ensure your passengers will feel instantly at ease.


Exterior/Overview: Take comfort in the fact that you and your family are surrounded by the Enclave’s advanced safety technologies, including the industry’s first Front-Center Airbag.
Safety features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Read the vehicle’s owner’s manual for more important safety information.


Performance/ Overview: Don’t let its sleek exterior and inviting cabin fool you — this mid-size SUV knows how to perform. Its six-speed, 288hp 3.6L V-6 engine is powerful and efficient. Dual-flow suspension dampers improve handling and help reduce noise and vibration. Advanced traction-control technologies keep you on course in disagreeable driving conditions.


What did my family say?

  1. This thing is big; we can fit all our “stuff” in here.
  2. I feel like I am in more than a crossover.
  3. This is a Hotspot? Wait that means I am fully connected to the Internet while you are driving dad?
  4. This would make a perfect Christmas present dad.
  5. I can’t believe this is a Buick it looks really good!
  6. I think I want to ask OnStar out on a date, she knows everything!
  7. When do we all get one of these dad?
  8. The sound systems is solid some of the best I have heard.
  9. Do we get to pick the color we want when you buy us one dad?
  10. Little heavy at the pump but you will help with that, right dad?

The Estrin/Liotta family is so many things but one thing we are never mistaken for is soft spoken. We like what we like and we respect the opinions of others but when something works we are not afraid to give it our loving endorsement and collectively we believe this is a perfect weekend vehicle and beyond with room for family and friends. It also had a sense of luxury that we did not expect to find in such an affordable car. Four trips to the beach, at least a dozen trips to the supermarket and a weekend filled with a great deal of love, laughter and tons of people and “stuff” did not ever need to be compromised. The Buick Enclave delivered for my family, so before you let the “experts” decide how you spend you life and your money give it a test drive.

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