The Most Popular Halloween Candy: A state by state list

It is estimated that whopping  $2.7 billion will be spent on trick-or-treat candy this year.  With all that money being spent, you might as well see if you are in step with your neighbors. made it easy and compiled  10 years of sales data (2007-2016), looking in particular at the months leading up to Halloween and they broke down sales by state.   The results are in and the cavities will follow.




Alabama’s favorite Halloween candy has changed since last year. Last year’s report saw Hershey’s mini chocolate bars as the top candy in Alabama. We joked about ‘bama’s Choctaw roots…Choctaw, chocolate. Candy corn has risen above the chocolate and become #1 in Alabama. Over 55k pounds worth of candy corn. It makes sense since they look like little A’s. Roll Corn! If you live in this state, it might be wise to cut your candy corn offering with a healthy dose of Hershey’s chocolate anyway.


Alaska loves Twix. The dual candy sticks likely remind Alaskans of the skis they use to get around in the winter time. Or for exercise? Ok, I don’t know is Alaskans ski or just ride grizzlies in the winter, but either way, they love the crunch of the twin candy bar candies. Stock up on these for your trick-or-treaters if you’re in Alaska. But be careful to listen for growling before opening the door.


How many Snickers bars would it take to fill the Grand Canyon – over 9 million? That’s how many bars Arizonans ate over the course of our study. The 48th state can sure put away chocolate bars! Hershey’s Kisses and Hot Tamales are right behind them though. AZ has come a long way since camels transported hay to Camp McDowell.


Johnny Cash, Douglas MacArthur, dulcimers. Arkansas has a rich history and a rosy disposition. You might even say they’re jolly. That’s right, Arkansans love Jolly Ranchers at Halloween. This is even more fitting when you consider the vast acres of national and state parks in the state. If you find yourself in Arkansas for Halloween, double down on Jolly Ranchers. Back it up with Butterfingers.


California’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. The birthplace of Jelly Bellys has more of an affinity for the M&M’s than jelly beans or last year’s top candy, salt water taffy. Hmm. M, Mickey. M, Mouse. …M&M’s. Coincidence? I think not. Over 1.5 million pounds of M&M’s don’t lie. Californians prefer melting in mouths over melting in their hands.


Colorado’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Last year, Twix ruled the mountains of Colorado. Now Milky Way has overtaken the lead. Given recent changes in consumption habits surrounding sweets in Colorado, we would not be surprised to see further changes in the coming years. Stay tuned in the Mile HIGH city, but for now offer your trick-or-treaters Milky Ways and Twix.


Connecticut loves Almond Joy, which we find remarkable and lovely. They love them almost as much as they love newspapers. Over 144 newspapers are published in CT. That’s one newspaper for every 25k people! If you’re in Connecticut for Halloween, try to clear your porch of all those papers and make sure to offer the kids some Almond Joy, or the second place winner Milky Way.


Delaware has once again proclaimed Life Savers as their favorite Halloween Candy. Nearly 20k pounds of them. Second place goes to Skittles. Since Delaware is the second smallest state, odds are you won’t find yourself there for Halloween, probability wise. But if you do, make sure you’ve got Life Savers. Butter Rum in particular does well.


Rainbows abound in Florida. Though the sun shines strongly, frequent short-lived rain clouds pass over often, creating a perfect storm of rainbow makers. It’s no surprise then that Floridians like to Taste the Rainbow as well. Over 315 tons of Skittles. Snickers came in second place.


Georgians love to fish. Deep sea fishing of the coast of Savannah and in the many lakes surrounding Atlanta and other areas. They fish for Atlantic fish and Georgian fish, and they eat Swedish Fish. Over 130k pounds of Swedish Fish, last year’s top candy as well. Making waves thoguh are Jolly Ranchers, the new #3 candy in Georgia, supplanting Lemonheads.


Hawaii’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Hershey’s Kisses has fallen from the top spot and made way for a new champion of the Pacific Island. It’s no surprise that the people of this gorgeous island want to taste the rainbow. Skittles is the new champion with over 265k pounds consumed. Also, did you know the east-to-west Hawaii is the widest state?!


King (candy) corn reigns in Idaho, juts like last year. Home of beautiful mountains, and of course potatoes, Idahoans love their candy corn for Halloween.  Second place goes to Starburst.


Illinois’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. In fact, all 3 top candies changed. #1 and #2 from last year switched spots and the #3 Halloween candy is all new in the top 3. Sour Patch Kids are the new champion, with Kit Kat falling behind to #2 and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups moving into a strong #3 position.

Big changes for the Illini this year!


It’s always hot in late October in Indiana. Hot Tamales rain down in Hoosier country. Ninety-five thousand pounds of Hot Tamales are consumed around Halloween time. Starburst come in second place.


Iowa may not seem scary or spooky, but consider this. The house from the classic American Gothic painting is in Iowa.  Also, remember when Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat on stage? Yup, Iowa.  For Halloween in Iowa make sure to stock up on Reese Peanut Butter Cups. And stay creepy Iowa.


Kansas’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. M&M’s ruled last year, but a new champion has taken over.  You might think with all that corn growing in Kansas, candy corn would be the obvious winner. Nope, it didn’t even crack the top 3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the new king of the Sunflower State.


Kentucky knows what it likes.  For 2 years straight our report has determined the top Halloween candy in Kentucky to be Tootsie Pops. Nearly 68,000 pounds of yummy lollipops with the Tootsie Roll center.


Pucker up trick-or-treaters in Louisiana, your favorite candy is Lemonheads! Sweet and sour flavors must do well on Bourbon Street. The top candy has not changed with this years data results. What a bunch of Lemonheads they must have down there!


Maine is a gorgeous place to visit. Cool summers with dense deciduous topography. Moose tracks outside your cabin on a crystal clear morning near the harbor. Lobster rolls for lunch followed by Sour Patch Kids. Hmm. Crazy Sour Patch Kids don’t seem in line with the peaceful vibe Maine gives off to outsiders. Is Maine hiding their true identity from the rest of us?  If you’re in Maine, let us know what’s going on up there. And also, make sure to stock up on Sour Patch Kids for Halloween.


Home to the Naval Academy, Maryland rules the seas and navigates by the stars. They must have developed their love for Milky Ways with all that staring up into the night skies. Maryland consumes over 38,000 pounds of Milky Way bars around Halloween.

While Milky Ways are the reigning champ from last year as well, there is a new #3 in Maryland.  Blow Pops have overtaken Skittles for the 3-spot of most popular Halloween Candy. So stock up on Milk Ways and give some love to the Blow Pops too.


Massachusetts’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. No longer do Butterfingers rule Halloween in Mass.  The new champion are those sneaky Sour Patch Kids which seem to be working their way up the charts in several parts of the country. Over 75,000 pounds of Sour Patch Kids makes for a whole lot of puckering up on Halloween in Boston.


Mighty Michigan has a love affair with candy corn. You may have thought it was automobiles or College football. Nope. Candy corn rules this midwestern state, that is shaped like a mitten. Or maybe it’s a hand reaching out for more candy corn. Michigan consumes nearly 150 thousand pounds of it around Halloween. Skittles and Starburst come in a respectable second and third.


Minnesota’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Skittles’s rainbow has faded slightly in the state that invented rice cakes. No longer do Minnesotans favor Skittles over all other Halloween candy. The new favorite is Tootsie Pops.  So now the Land of 10,000 lakes is also the land of 195,000 pounds of Tootsie Pops. Don’t worry Skittles fans, you’re still #2.


Hey, what’s that? A Mississippi Candy bar. The 3 Musketeers continue to top the most popular Halloween candies in this state that is home to the largest cactus plantation in the world. Random, but awesome. Stock up on 3 Musketeers and stay away from the cacti fields at night!


Home of the Blues. Gateway to the West. Missouri a no nonsense type of place. A Milky Way bar on Halloween is no joke here. It’s still the most popular Halloween candy in the state so when trick-or-treaters come knocking in MO, make sure you show them the Milky Way.


Elk, antelope, deer, eagles, swans, Montana has a rich wildlife population. They also love their bubble gum. Classic Dubble Bubble bubble gum is the most popular Halloween candy where a River Runs Through It.  The #2 and #3 mosst popular candies swapped places with M&M’s outreaching the old #2, Twix. When you’re setting up for trick-or-treaters in Montana, before you go fly fishing, make sure you have some bubble gum and M&M’s ready.


Hard-nosed college football teams, miles and miles of corn fields and center-pivot irrigation (look it up!) are a few of the things Nebraska is known for. They might also be getting a reputation for loving Sour Patch Kids. The naughty sour candies are again the most popular Halloween candy in the state.


In Vegas they love shiny things. That must be why Hershey’s Kisses do so well in Nevada on Halloween.  They are again the #1 most popular Halloween candy, with over 322,000 pounds consumed. Candy corn is not far behind and Skittles’s rainbow is still shining over the #3 spot.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. In fact, they pulled off a rare trifecta, where all of the top 3 have shuffled around of changed completely in this year’s study.  Last year it was: Starburst, Snickers, Sour Patch in the 1-2-3 spots. Now Snickers has taken over the top spot, with Starburst hanging on at #2. And Salt Water Taffy has kicked those pesky Sour Patch Kids out of the #3 spot.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year too. Skittles have taken over the #1 spot and knocked last year’s winner, Tootsie Pops, back to #2. M&M’s still hold on to the #3 position, but we’re a little sad to see that Salt Water Taffy doesn’t do better in Jersey. It was born in Atlantic City after all.  Here’s to hoping for a taffy comeback in NJ!

New Mexico

Things have been Breaking Good for candy corn in New Mexico on Halloween. It has remained as the top candy in the state known as the desert-filled setting for Breaking Bad. You won’t need an RV to make yummy candy corns, just buy them from us. Less hassle. Oh, Jolly Ranchers are also moving up in NM.  They have seized the #3 spot, kicking salt water taffy out of the top 3.

New York

New York is my kinda town! And state. That must be what those Sour Patch Kids say, because they are getting consumed at a pace over 200k pounds around Halloween time. Candy corn and Reese Cups finish of the top 3. Be careful with trick-or-treaters in Manhattan, those street wise cats don’t mess around if you don’t have Sour Patch Kids!

North Carolina

North Carolina’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Reese’s Cups used to rule the land where the Wright Brothers first flew. Now times have changed and M&M’s have taken over. Over 96,000 pounds of M&Ms. Baby Ruth did not make the list, even though Babe Ruth hit his first home run in NC!

North Dakota

There’s a lot going on in North Dakota lately. Boomtowns and new industries have changed the landscape in the past decade or so, but it’s still mighty cold up there.  That must be why Hot Tamales are so popular. They remain at the top of the most popular Halloween candy list. Followed by Jolly Ranchers and candy corn.


Ohio’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. In fact, there was changes at all 3 of the top spots in this state. Blow Pops edged out last years winner, M&Ms. And Starburst pushed it’s way into the number 3 spot leaving Snickers out cold this year. 150,000 pounds of Blow Pops is nothing to sneeze at.  Good work Ohio!


Boise City, Oklahoma was the only US city to be bombed during WWII. They were just practice bombs and they didn’t hit the city directly, they were dropped just south in safety. There were no explosions or surprises on the list of most popular Halloween candy in Oklahoma this year.  Snickers tops the list again, with over 20,000 pounds consumed.  That’s a lot of chocolate bars.


Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state! Wow. Just think of the possibilities on Halloween. If you’re throwing a ghost town takeover Halloween party, better bring your Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups candy.  Trick-or-treaters love these more than any other candy in Oregon.


Pennsylvania’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. M&M’s took over the top spot from Skittles, but just barely. Over 290,000 pounds of M&M’s were consumed in PA. Hershey’s only cracked the #3 spot in their home state!

Rhode Island

Last of the original 13 colonies to join statehood and never having ratified Prohibition, Rhode Island isn’t going to be pushed around by anyone. So you better have some candy corn lined up for those trick or treaters or some friends on Federal Hill might pay you a visit and make you an offer you can’t refuse!

South Carolina

The 8th State in the union, South Carolina still loves candy corn. Nearly 115,000 pounds are consumed in South Carolina around Halloween. Official state amphibian, the salamander, agrees: “Candy corn is awesome,” says their Chief Salamander. Skittles and Hot Tamales round off the top 3.

South Dakota

The Crazy Horse mountain carving is most likely going to be pointing to another large mountain carving of Starbursts. The candy is again atop the list of most popular on Halloween in South Dakota. SD loves carving awesome things into mountains, so don’t be surprised of the #2 and #3 candies, Jolly Ranchers and candy corn, end up in a carving of their own.


Tennessee loves the Vols and Music City and Tootsie Pops. Nearly 60,000 pounds of Tootsie Pops are consumed around Halloween time. It retains the #1 spot again this year, followed by salt water taffy and Skittles.



Texas’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year.  It’s no surprise in the Lone Star state that Starbursts have made it to the #1 spot. Almost 2,000,000 pounds of Starburst are consumed in Texas around Halloween. Last year’s winner, Reese’s cups, retain the #2 spot. Texans can proudly stock up on Starbursts for trick-or-treaters, but might be best to offer them more than a lone starburst!



With Rainbow Bridge and rainbow trout, it would sure seem like Utah is tasting the rainbow. But alas, Skittles did not crack the top 3. It’s Jolly Ranchers again retaining the #1 spot in Utah with over 475,000 pounds consumed. Boom! But people from Utah do seem jolly and there are surely many ranches there, so Jolly Ranchers might be fitting.


Vermont has cows and pigs and maple syrup and beautiful mountains and lots of lovely things. They love Milky Way candy bars at Halloween time, and choose local Ben and Jerry’s when they need some ice cream.  It might not be cold enough on Halloween to hand out ice cream to trick or treaters.  Better stick to Milky Ways.


Virginia’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Hot Tamales has fallen to the number two spot and given way to a new most popular Halloween candy in Virginia: Snickers.  The birthplace of our nation, was also the first place in the US where peanuts were grown. Makes sense that Snickers would appeal to Virginians then. Stock up on Snickers and throw in some Hot Tamales for good measure.


Washington’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Salt water taffy had ruled the state previously, but in this year’s study Tootsie Pops take the top spot. Over 223,000 pounds of Tootsie Pops are consumed around Halloween. Maybe Starbucks should stock them as stirrers for their coffee drinks!

Washington D.C.

M&M’s again rule The District, which isn’t really a state, but since people still trick-or-treat there, we included it in our study. But it is too small to fit on our super slick interactive ninja-style map, sorry DC. If you’re stocking up in the DC area, make sure to get M&Ms, Tootsie Pops, and Blow Pops.

West Virginia

Someone said West Virginia is considered the northern-most southern state and the southern-most northern state. I guess that just means it’s in the middle? Great skiing at Snowshoe and lots of beautiful country in WV. For Halloween, stock up on Blow Pops, Hershey’s Mini Chocolate Bars, and Milky Ways. They were numbers 1, 2, and 3.


Wisconsin’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. The top 2 candies switched places, as Starbursts edged out Butterfinger for the top candy in this years study. Also Jolly Ranchers stole the #3 spot away from Lemonheads. Those badgers had a big change this year with all 3 spots changing hands. Get some Starbursts if you’re stocking up.


Wyoming was the first state to grant voting rights to women, it’s home to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and big skies abound. The top Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Homes can be pretty spread out in Wyoming, but if you do plan on getting trick or treaters, make sure to give them – and their horses – some yummy Reese’s Cups.

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