Wake up hollywood and get over yourself!

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I wish I had a category for “Things that make my heart sing”, “Things that renew my hope in humanity”, “Things that speak to the my soul” but to date let this amazing video and woman speak for herself.

I will stand on my soapbox for only a mere moment and here goes…   As we continue to debate if Hollywood, celebrities, movies and the like are recognized appropriately or if it is an “ethnic thing” ethnic cleansing continues… I do not in any way want to take away from the reality that something needs to be done to even the playing field.  That being said, for those who were not nominated for a movie and believe it was racially motivated please remember while this discussion seems to dominate the media and the the digital highway we have hate past and present so vicious it is beyond my comprehension.   Atrocities such as genocide seem to be a reoccurring theme and we appear to learn nothing from them.

This great country, MY country was built on the idea that each of us has a freedom of speech and expression and for that GOD BLESS AMERICA.   While others seem to get bogged down in why the face of the Oscars is not the correct shade of … Watch this video as a reminder that many  things far more important happen in the world every day and some of these things somehow bring people together and heal the human spirit rather than divide us and pit so many in an “us” against “them” paradigm.


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