What is happening to our superheroes?

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I love to go to the movies especially when the seats recline. As movie theaters evolve, I too have made a commitment to grow as an audience member. Unfortunately, 2016 is beginning to not only stretch the limits of my viewing pleasure but I’m concerned.

Understandably, I am one man, with multiple opinions but they are just that… My thoughts, my musings and my way of trying to make sense of a “cinematastic” world spiraling into dangerous territory. Clearly there are “good” and “bad” movies and the scales by which we rate them  from box office success to audience appeal differ. Yet the recent trend of pitting superhero again superhero is cause for a raised eyebrow at least.

I’m a realist, the world is not a perfect place and at times the violence and inhumanity seems overwhelming. This is unfortunately the place in history that we presently exist. Therefore, given the rather toxic dose of reality we each face every day why can we no longer rely on our superheroes to transcend human foibles and quite simply be “super”?

Is it asking too much? It appears so and with no agenda and simply an eye on the direction of pop-culture as a barometer of human dynamics, have we lost faith in even the metaphoric powers that are beyond mere mortals by allowing our superheroes to fall from grace and not only become far too human but in the process lose their humanity?

As political parties implode and the country appears divided on so many issues of importance our inner compasses call out for direction. What’s right, what’s wrong, and who gets to make these decisions?

It saddens me to think we can no longer escape to the movies and look to the likes of Batman, Superman or Captain America for answers and if we lose these heroes to violence who will take their place, who will protect us?

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