Where is the pride in Gay Pride?

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I rarely even border on being political but when I have something to say I say it and own it as such. MY OPINION – that being said, I welcome all views, fiery darts and alternative opinions.   I originally placed this on Facebook and the responses were refreshing and honest.


It appears this weekend is Gay Pride in Miami ? OKIE DOKIE here we go..

1. I am proud to be a man who happens to be gay
2. I appreciate all those who came before me who made it possible for me to recently be legally married

3. WTF is Gay Pride … as I scroll through the photos of the events I see beach parties, alcohol, nearly naked YOUNG men and a great many advertisements on my feed for parties, club parties, parties at clubs, clubs hosting parties ….

So Gay Pride is all about alcohol, nakedness and parties at clubs which appear to be focused on alcohol consumption of epic proportions…

FAIL !!! — The LGBT community is vibrant, robust and diverse so should I choose to show my pride and I am pushing 50 where can I do it that does not involve a club, a banana hammock or alcohol ?

I am now stepping down off my rainbow soapbox to take my Gay Pride to the supermarket and clean out the garage.

Photo Credit: www.jumponmarkslist.com

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