Who’s that girl? Stephanie Courtney aka Flo from Progressive

While I try not to be one who passes judgment, if you don’t like Flo from the Progressive commercials in all her bright lipstick, blue headband, insurance selling grandness there might be something wrong with you…

But what about Stephanie Courtney, the actress who has taken Flo super-nova? Here are a few interesting morsels of semi-worthless information that might not find you front and center with any great minds but could  put you on the short-list for stay at home, couch surfing contestants hoping to one day have the opportunity to be on Jeopardy!


 Progressive wasn’t her first commercial

Stephanie Courtney’s first commercial was for Bud Light back in 1999, which aired during the Super Bowl.

 She is not a “newbie” to acting

After graduating from college, she studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York.

 Where have I seen that actress?

If you’ve ever had a moment where you’ve thought, “Where do I know her from,” it’s probably from one of the 30 television shows and movies she has appeared in since 1998.

 She hovers below the radar on the street

The transformation from Stephanie Courtney into Flo takes some “doing”.  In real life, she’s more of a fan of J. Crew and a freshly scrubbed look.


 Success came later in life

Stephanie Courtney married Scott Kolanach at a 35, “got her Flo on” at 38 and had her first child at 40. She says, “It tastes just as sweet when it’s late.”

 She is very much alive

On May 27, 2014, the buzz on several gossip sites what that Stephanie Courtney died in a car accident while driving her Lexus LX in New York. Not true unless Flo is in fact some kind of Artificial Intelligence. She is alive and kickin’ living with her family in Los Angeles, while continuing to “get her Flo on”.

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