Apology Accepted

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At a time when it feels increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction, the Toronto Public Library got a dose of reality and reminder that that “honesty is the best policy”.

Jackson, an avid reader and comic book lover fell asleep while reading an Asterix comic book he had taken out of the library. When he woke up, the book was on the floor with a page ripped out.  He felt so bad that he included an apology note when returning the comic.

11873349_10153619533125229_6082804446116185118_n“I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading,” the note read. “It won’t happen again, I’m sorry. From, Jackson.”

A simple reminder that while not all problems can be solved with a note, a genuine apology has great power.   Give it a try I know I have a few phone calls to make and notes to write… Do you?

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