Good Service Makes Me Happy

It’s easy to complain… In fact, I will admit sometimes it is even fun! It lets me blow off steam, get a wee bit of attention but in the end what am I left with other than a bad attitude and heapin’ portion of no resolution to whatever gave me a case of the nasty in the first place…

Instead, I endeavor to focus on the positive (with a caveat …) “Stuff Happens”… Really annoying, crappy, mucky and yes even stuff with shitty residual effects… BUT great things can catch my eye and capture my attention too.

Take for instance last night.   I was out for a nice low-key casual dinner and I had the BEST waitress/server in a long time. It made me stop and think … What is it that makes a good “Table Concierge”?   For me it is a simple equation to dining happiness…

  1. Greet me with a smile that is genuine. If you don’t like what you are doing find something you do like and make that your job/career.
  2. Don’t feel you have to be perfect as I simply want someone who cares enough to help me have a genuinely fun and fulfilling dining experience.
  3. If something goes “wrong” and chances are it will… BREATHE it’s nothing the kitchen or a good dry cleaner can’t fix.
  4. Treat me like you would like to be treated. I don’t need a pint of blood or your first-born… Just enough attention to get me from one end of my meal to the next.
  5. Know thy menu!   I don’t expect you to be an Iron Chef but if I have a question please know the answer or endeavor to find it out (I take my “eats” very seriously).
  6. RELAX !!!   I am happy to have you as my server you simply need to be you!
  7. I would rather not inherit the sins of the past. If you had/have a nightmare table I am not them so please leave it in the kitchen and bring me your game face.
  8. If I ask you your name you are not in trouble I probably want to mention that you should get a BIG raise to your cheap manager (wink)
  9. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions as you know far better than I what is the best of the best.
  10. Don’t worry I always leave a tip! You work too hard not to be rewarded


A good meal is a wonderful thing and good service simply makes me happy.

What do you have to add to the list?

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