The Hotel Prora: All 10,000 rooms make me sad

With 10,000 rooms it’s the worlds biggest holiday resort, but while it was built more than 70 years ago no one has ever stayed in the “Hitler Hotel”.

Nearly 5km long with every room facing the sea, Hotel Prora was meant to be the Fuhrer’s answer to Butlins – but work on the vast complex stopped abruptly when the war started.

It now stands as a monument to the megalomaniac who planned it for holidays for up to 25,000 workers, supporters and their families. A walk through the empty building as the doors swing in the wind is like walking through the Overlook Hotel from horror movie The Shining.

HilterHotel2-1This makes me sad!   While I strongly believe the crimes perpetrated against humanity by this monster must never be forgotten, his flights of fancy hold no purpose. This project erected more than 70 years ago never housed one guest and sits on prime real estate that could be used for far better reasons.  


Some speak of renovation… I say, ARE YOU CRAZY?  Why not just build a huge Neo-Nazi magnet and place it in the ground to attract every shade of hate… Knock down this freak show and in its place build something that will piss Hitler off as he rots in his front row seat in Hell!   A teaching hospital, a center for promoting tolerance… Anything that reflects a complete departure from this despicable man and his minions of monsters seems a far better idea.


I have not lost hope in humanity, but I must admit things like this… They make me sad.

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