Life As It Happens: Meet my new pal Austin and his amazing drone video

Soar over Cape Cod with Austin HERE

The best part about having a blog is when something catches my attention I can simply log on and post without having to justify my intentions.   Imagine if life worked that way as well?  You get an idea, you make sure it will not hurt anyone to bring it out from the shadows and share it with the world and in the process perhaps it creates a few smiles along the way…

Meet  Austin,

I workout with his two dads, Stephen and “Woody” and they have inspired me simply by raising two remarkable kids.   We share a great many things in common, including a love of travel.

So, when they took a recent family trip to Cape Cod, I was especially intrigued and more than slightly amazed at how Austin decided to capture his vacation moments.

Better yet, the real expert on family vacations… My new buddy Austin have his say:

The best thing about taking a family vacation is that you get to spend more time with one another and you get to do things you might end up enjoying that you never thought you would… Also you get to bond and create memories you might never have as a family.

How did he decide to share his memories of summer 2017 in Cape Cod?  He took his drone and created nothing short of magic.  Not all 15-year-olds are created equal and my new pal Austin is remarkable.

Soar over Cape Cod with Austin HERE

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