Meet A Special Friend Her Name Is Forgiveness

Whether you are new friend to my online family or have been hanging around for some time… You have most likely figured out that I tend to post a seemingly random collection of thoughts and ideas.   In truth, these are stories that move me. A montage of people, places and things that catch my eye and at times, capture my heart.   Rarely is it anything that I post too “heavy”… But from time to time I am touched by an idea or a concept and in the week between posts it weaves itself into the fabric of my thoughts and needs a place to wave and say hi. This is one of those times.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce to my dear friend Forgiveness.

I met Forgiveness more than a decade ago. I mistook her for fragile and she quickly made it clear she was “delicate” in her nature, but she could pack one hell of a punch. She has been a steadfast friend through it all and a staunch supporter as I endeavor to be the best me possible.

Forgiveness is my family, she is also a trusted friend and I can always rely on her to be truthful.   Yet, in her honesty she is never intentionally hurtful or judgmental. Instead, she allows me to be me as I sort out what is really going on and how and why I need to introduce her to those who I am harboring anger and resentments.

Her stepsister, Patience is never far away and although the two are not connected by blood, they share a synergy that flows from one to the other.   I have come to love Forgiveness for her ability to help me move on, move through and move beyond feelings that slow me down. I have come to respect her because although gracious, she never lies to me and never rushes me into making a decision nor does she let me off the hook or let me forget that a decision needs to be made.

Forgiveness is a force; she is and will always be a part of my life. I keep a room in my home made up for her as I need her to visit often and I am grateful that she always accepts my invitation… Arriving with a small overnight bag while knowing full well she will be staying far longer than one night.

Feel free to look her up, she is very easy to find as she does not try to hide or disguise her contact information. If you should happen to make her acquaintance… Please tell her thanks, as her most recent stay at my place was ever so helpful.

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