The Binions have taken over and they are friendly

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While I don’t promote vandalism or destruction of property sometimes a simple idea does more than was intended in this case throwing away the trash just got a bit more fun and a town has rallied together to simply ENJOY IT !

It seems residents are scratching their heads after ten of the uber popular yellow characters from smash hit film Despicable Me showed up seemingly overnight and took over the town.  Locals of Peacehaven, East Sussex, have no idea who painted the bins to look like Minions – and even attached trademark goggle-eyes and arms.

Photo Credit: The Express

The garbage receptacles, aptly renamed “Binions”, have been spotted everywhere.  Nobody knows who is behind the prank that became apparent earlier this week.

Local Daniel Moon, said:

We have no idea who is responsible or why they’ve done it, but it’s quite amusing. People have been going around trying to find all ten. I thought it might be something to promote an upcoming festival, as they have a Minion appearing there, but Mayor Wayne Botting has denied it. It’s a complete mystery

Even the Peacehaven Town Council has no clue where the colorful bins have come from but said they “admire” the creativity of the person who did it.  A spokesperson from Lewes District Council added: “These bins have certainly drawn attention and brought comments and smiles from people passing by. Anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing as we want to keep the district clean and tidy for all to enjoy.”

At time when some towns are still trying to find their way after devastating violence, It’s nice to see that others keep things in perspective and don’t make  mountains out of a “Binions”

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