The little things in life: What makes you happy?

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It’s easy to lose sight of the little things that bring happiness into the world. So here is a list to get us started.  What wee things make you happy?  Please add them in the comment section below.

  1. Clothes fresh out of the dryer.
  2. Peeling a clementine in one peel.8d872015275470cd9772de160526c346
  3. A perfectly popped bag of popcorn.
  4. A good hair day.
  5. Receiving mail that isn’t a bill.
  6. Clicking Unsubscribe.
  7. When the Starbucks barista spells your name right.
  8. Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about.
  9. Having just enough milk for a bowl of cereal.
  10. The perfect shave.
  11. Popping bubble wrap.
  12. When you find the missing match to your favorite socks.
  13. Knowing all the words to a song on the radio.
  14. Taking off your shoes when you get home
  15. 100% charge on your phone.

Note: Thanks for your help Brian KoerberMar

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