The Kardashians: Are they an American Horror Story?

IMG_3916I never find any real worth in focusing on one celebrity or quasi celebrity and engaging in what has come to be what I see as a form of bullying that has regrettably gained social acceptance.

I don’t believe any of us have the right to attack the character of another, celebrities included simply because they have chosen a career that places them in the public eye. That being said, I do find social trends, Pop Culture and human dynamics fascinating.   The overriding question of “why we do the things we do” and why others find it fodder for hateful comment offers me a window into the reality of in this case the continued appeal of reality television.

The Kardashians… If we are going to briefly discuss the topic of reality, dramality and the closest thing to cannibalism I have seen on this continent they are a remarkable case study.

What is it that has kept them in the public eye so long and will they every go away? Clearly they are not the only dysfunctional television dynasty, but they certainly have become diverse and in their diversity and more specifically diversification I think we might have an answer… This clan has long outgrown merely holding the title of “crazy reality show celebs” as they are a financial machine that drives both their internal and our external economy via music, merchandise, fashion, “politics” and an occasional twist in the path that still has the power to take our breath away.

Are they a horror story? That is your decision. Personally I feel as if their lives and every nook and cranny have been exposed so the details need not be rehashed.   Still, I am writing about them, many of you are reading about them and watching them and buying their merchandise… So while we (self included) continue to explore our distaste and disgust for the Kardashians and those like them, our actions keep them alive, vibrant, fiscally sound and trending.

What would happen if we simply turned them off? Blocked them from our viewing line up? Stopped buying any and all tabloids that carried a story about them?   No longer interacted with them on Social Media?  Would they go away or have we created our own royal family albeit a mafia of sorts that has so ingrained itself in American culture?  Is it too late and have WE  gone too far to  deny them a place in our past, present and future?

This is so much bigger than the Kardashians and while it is only entertainment what does it say about what we have come to value and the inherent right many feel they have to be so hateful to a family WE created, became enamored with and now instead of simply tuning them out forever continue to feed on them like vampires only to mock them for the bitter taste of their blood after we have filled our cravings.

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