Some good news about a horse

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Despite what some people say there is no shortage of good news!   A nearly 30-year-old horse that has been missing since Thursday was found Sunday morning.   The drone searching for the horse Saturday used infrared cameras early Sunday morning and spotted the horse just after 7:30 a.m.


He also goes by the nickname ‘Hou.’

“It’s short for ‘I know how to open every gate, untie my lead rope, check things out on my own,'” said Kari Edge, Houdini’s owner. “This is his first true escape.”

Edge said Houdini escaped through a latched, but unlocked gate at the ranch where he lives, which belongs to her friend Stephanie Davies, who had been out searching for another horse who had escaped.

“He’s the man. He visits the nursing home where my mom lives, and he walks right in and stops and literally will fall asleep and just let the residents of Brookside just love on him,” Edge said. “He’s very special to a lot of people.”

A drone company helped search for the beloved horse on Saturday. One of their drones was shot at twice by a nearby homeowner, the owner of the drone said.

“Certainly our first experience being shot at,” said Kerry Garrison, COO of MultiCopter Warehouse in Castle Rock. “Hopefully, it won’t happen again.”

Source: First seen on KUSA

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