The Makeup Conundrum

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I feel as though I have an open mind and to that end the mysterious world of makeup and the proper application still leave me with questions.   Here are a few of the most pressing, those that haunt me and keep me up at night – Feel free leave a comment and educate me putting my mind at ease once and for all.

  1. Are all women superheroes? Long before the “no text and drive” battle cry women have applied mascara in a moving car? How do you do that? Equally important to me is the fact that because you CAN all women should be immediately vetted by the nearest medical facility to stand in when necessary for any neurosurgeon.
  2. Is the goal to wear just enough make-up to defy genetics, but not so much that the mortal world should detect the sham? This reminds me of the netherworld of manscaping. Just enough so as not to seem a Neanderthal, but not so much that it appears one skipped puberty. Yes? No?
  3. What is the added benefit of buying really good make-up? A one-dollar cup of coffee tastes okay; a three-dollar cup of coffee usually tastes fantastic; a 10-dollar cup of coffee is just stupid and nearly always disappointing. What are the rules on diminishing returns and ROI when buying expensive foundation?
  4. What are the rules for “no makeup”? I have witnessed it many times… The whispers. “Did she just roll out of bed and decide to come here?” Isn’t it a personal choice and do women put undue pressure on each other?
  5. Is the lotion-infused-with-glitter a personal choice or political movement? Is this bigger than I am making it and simply a natural progression from the “As Seen On TV” Bedazzler incident?

And the makeup conundrum contimues…

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