The top ten things to never say to a Hunger Games fan

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I admit it I am a huge Hunger Games fan.   While I pride myself on keeping it all in perspective because it is after all only a movie. I mean it didn’t REALLY happen… Right?   RIGHT!  The “Hunger Haters” need to take it down a notch and show some love for the Mockingjay. Long live the districts, long live Katniss, and long live cute men taking the lead from a badass woman with a bow and arrow!   Feel free to add to the list in the comments section…


  1. “Twilight is better.”
  2. “The Mockingjay is a ridiculous symbol.”
  3. “Katniss’ weapon is a bow and arrow?! Really, she couldn’t get anything better than that?”
  4. “The districts should have revolted against the Capitol a long time ago.”
  5. “Katniss definitely should have run off with Gale when she had the chance.”
  6. “Katniss has a terrible singing voice. I covered my ears when she sang to Rue.”
  7. “Katniss would have never survived her first Hunger Games over the other tributes.”
  8. “Katniss should have never volunteered as tribute. “Seriously, Prim’s name was only in the reaping once, what is the likelihood that she would have actually be chosen.”
  9. “Hay Mitch is the worst coach ever.”
  10. “Twilight is better.”

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