Top 10 things your kids and spouse have in common

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Did you ever notice that some of the biggest kids aren’t kids at all?  Feel free to add any I missed in the comment box


  1. They do not need your help.

Kids/partners can do everything by themselves (apparently). And god helps you if you dare to try and help them. Instead, you must stand by and watch their painstakingly slow attempts at doing stuff they really do need help to accomplish.

  1. Night crying becomes night shouting

The only time they are happy to accept your help is in the middle of the night. While kids/partners rarely ask for help (see #1), they often demand stuff at night.  A drink, a blanket, or a cuddle toy (slightly different meaning for child vs. partner) but one is often summoned to awaken in order to take care of a host of “emergencies”.

  1. They know everything


  1. They have figured out that words are not to be taken literally.

The short version. They have figured out we are full of sh*t

In a minute” – that could mean in an hour or so…

“Hurry up or I am going home without you,” that could mean you are not going to leave them at the store with all the strangers or you are not going to leave him/her at the party with the hot girl/guy who has been flirting.

  1. They remember everything

…And they will remind you of it every single day of your life until you die.

  1. They argue about everything

Tell a four-year-old or your other half that the sky is blue …ISSUE!   “But, it looks greyish from time to time and the clouds add some white so it is not always blue and not full of blue. Then at night the sky is black so actually the sky is not completely blue.”

  1. They take nagging to a whole new level


  1. They are relentless in their quest for knowledge

“Why?” is the catch all question for both… A child never seems to trust you actually gave them the entire reason, answer or explanation as for your lover… DITTO!

  1. They enjoy playing with their friends more than playing with you

Whereas once upon a time you were the main source of entertainment now it is all about playing with their friends.  Same theme for spouse… the toys and the friends just get bigger and the play dates longer and more expensive.

  1. You love them without boundaries

They are not perfect, they are maddening at times and they make you wonder “WHY!”   But you can’t imagine life without your kids much like a life without the one who stole you heart in a grownup way. Enjoy it… ALL OF IT and keep complaining.

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