Why Does My Suitcase Hate Me?

I love to travel.   I also respect that for some people the lines at TSA and airports in general evoke a level of anxiety that they would rather avoid. Me, I thrive on it and like to think I have much of it down to a so-called science.   I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly have a few tricks that keep me ready to grab my headphones and a smile and head out for… EVERYWHERE!

Yet I must admit, I am still left with a deep sense of confusion about one aspect of the travel formula. Why does my suitcase hate me?   For the record, I am not delusional nor do I believe my suitcase is in fact alive (well…) something is amiss…

Here is my dilemma… Perhaps you can shed some light on it? Everything starts out as planned. I gently and lovingly remove my suitcase from the closet and open it up. It is a marvelous creation… Lithe, stylish, creative and offering ample space without being bulky.


… And then the darkness descends.   I give you my word I am not trying to be unreasonable when it comes to what I hope to pack and I take every opportunity to utilize my own creativity.   Socks and underwear are placed inside shoes; gym clothes are easily rinsed out so no need for multiples of anything.   Add to that I am “brilliantly awkward” when it comes to fashion so it is strictly the basics for me and if it gets wrinkled it stays wrinkled.

Believe me when I tell you my expectations are real and I am a reasonable man. So why the hate and mistrust from my suitcase? Why does he shrink away and hold himself so firmly and tightly from me?   It is not so much the distance and the coldness that hurt and confound, but rather the sheer animosity I feel from him as I try to close the zipper.

I am a nice guy! I call my mother regularly, I help the needy, I LOVE MY COUNTRY! Yet my suitcase continues to show me nothing but contempt.   I have feelings too, I bleed when cut and yes I am confused about how one suitcase that takes up so much space in the closet can seemingly transform into a zip-lock sandwich bag when I try to pack the bare basics.

I am human, I am Josh Estrin and I am confused as to why mu suitcase hates me…

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