One of the Coolest Gifts I Have Ever Received

There is absolutely nothing cooler than good friends and I have two of the best.   We all know the drill… Real friends:

  • Are there when you need them.
  • Never judge simply support.
  • Love us for who we are “as is” and …

They know what we like and give us super cool gifts.   Sound shallow? Well perhaps it is not the most important aspect of a legit friendship, but it certainly makes life more interesting and if you are going to be blessed with a truly remarkable circle of friends an added benefit is they have great taste or at the very least they embrace your quirky sense of style.

So my dear friends Lorraine and David… THANK YOU! Not only for being my rocks during some rather “loco” times, but also for realizing that while I might not always be mainstream I am harmless.


This gift was totally unexpected and easily one of the coolest gifts I have ever received (besides your friendship) THANK YOU!

XO Josh

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