Beer connoisseurs rejoice! Today Is International Beer Day

Regardless if you’re a die-hard micro-brewed IPA fan, or would rather sip on a cold can of domestic beer, leading language learning app Babbel wants to help you say make a toast as you come together to celebrate beer culture from all over the world.

So, what better way to celebrate International Beer Day than saying “cheers” in other languages?

International-Beer-Day2015 2

Here are some foreign beer-drinking toasts to share with your friends:

English – Cheers!

German – Prost!

French – Santé!

Italian – Cin cin!

Portuguese – Saúde!

Spanish – ¡Salud!

Swedish – Skål!

Danish – Skål!

Dutch – Proost!

Norwegian – Skål!

Polish – Na zdrowie!

Turkish – Şerefe!

Russian – За здоровье! (ENG Transcription: Za zdaróvye! )

Always Drink Responsibly

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