What Most Guys Won’t Admit About Being Short

While it might not seem “blog-worthy”, for those like me who are “vertically challenged” the world can often be a precarious place.   So much of what the “Talls”  take for granted we “Smalls” face as a daily test each day and do so with a sense of adventure as we meet adversity with a smile.

Make no mistake, I am aware that there are many in the world who seize each day with far greater issues than I do and do so with great courage. But to me this matters…

Fact: Being short is not easy.

Now before you judge from your nosebleed seats, towering high above the human race in all your “tallness” take a moment to reflect upon some of the most basic human needs and the inherent battle we male “Shorties” face.

Fact: Most urinals are created of and for “Talls”

Clearly this is a man-centric issue but an issue nonetheless.  At 5’5” this very necessary private act plays out in a very public forum that was clearly designed for those who can buy clothing off the rack, reach things on the top shelf and say things like, “I’m sorry but being that I have such LONG legs might I have the aisle seat?” Answer… “I am a small person with a small bladder so I am very sorry, but NO…”

Without getting too graphic, answering a call of nature at a urinal is precarious enough without the added challenge of having to do so on tip-toe. You have the responsibility of proper aim, focus, and of course the no splash rule as this leads to embarrassing cleanups and unsightly proof of your miscalculations upon exiting.

Having recently traveled from Prague to Paris I must admit that the European people while delightful are TALL! That being said, THANK YOU PARIS for thinking of me and caring enough to make me feel important.   While your fair city is filled with many masterpieces I must admit your show of support for the vertically challenged will forever endear me to you.IMG_3464

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