Bionic Resistance Shorts: You want me to clip what where?

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While I am a staunch supporter of all things healthy as well as the infusion of some Twizzlers and Skittles from time to time.  I often marvel at the devices that are created to make fitness more “effective”.   Clearly I like my healthy living gadgets and gizmos as much as the next, but with the utmost respect, some have me stymied – enter The Bionic Resistance Shorts? Well, chalk one up for the “sounded like a good idea at the time bin in my garage”.

bionic-shortsThe premise: For days where you don’t have time to spend hours at the gym, you can wear these Bionic Resistance Shorts that will be both functional and comfortable. These shorts are made of 100% nylon, laminated with Neoprene. These will fit you snugly, like a wetsuit, and will provide you with 10 and 25 pound resistance bands for your legs. It has antibacterial technology to keep the stench out of your shorts, and has a 4-way stitch fabric to give you a greater range of mobility.

The flat lock seams will make sure you don’t chafe while making sure the stitching stays together. This is a great way to work out without thinking about it, and to rehabilitate injuries. Obviously, don’t go trying to use this without your doctor’s approval, or you could end up in worse shape than you started in. This also comes with armbands, and an extra set of 10-pound resistance bands so every day can be leg and arm day.

Do I wear these under my suit? Amen for NO CHAFING, but let’s be honest how functional are they?   I must admit I did not invest the $99 to give them a whirl or rather a tug as I just have to wonder is anything supposed to clip on that close to my “personals”?

Perhaps they are most fitting (or form-fitting) to be exact for Halloween at which time one could create one hell of costume, consume pounds of candy and still stay in shape!

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